Theme of ATP YPD 2012


YPD Vision

"YPD unites young people from different countries and provide them opprotunities to empower themselves and contribute to the development of their communties and the world"

This is the outcome of the 6th training programme hosted by YPD Saigon in August 2009.

YPD is supporting the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship

The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE) is a regional organization inspiring and empowering young people to make innovative suggestions and actions to create positive change and real impact in their communities, their countries and Asia. FYSE launched the inaugerational Asia Pacific Future 100 program, a program aiming to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs.

This annual program is a platform to provide young and inspirational entrepreneurs from Asia as role models to our youth to raise entrepreneurship awareness in Asia Pacific. 100 young entrepreneurs and social Changemakers under the age of 30 years will be selected for a one- year fellowship and their stories will serve as inspiration to foster an entrepreneurial culture among our youth.

For more information see http://www.fyse.org/

What is YPD for us?

'YPD is an international network uniting young people from different cultures and faiths who are aware and act for sustainable development. It promotes volunteer service to the community and gives youth a chance to develop themselves'.

This definition was agreed upon during the 3rd YPD General Assembly, held on July 15th 2008 in Sydney, Australia.

Green World Youth Day, Australia 2008

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Plus see our Green WYD website and our GreenWYDNews blog.

Report of the Third YPD General Assembly:

The report of General Assembly held in Sydney in July 2008 is now available on-line, to download it see Minute of the G.A 2008


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Cooperative Networking for Social Transformation

ATP YPD 2012 Training Program topic: “Cooperative Networking for Social Transformation”


Venue: Research and Training center for religio-Cultural Community, 106 Moo 9,
            T Sanpooloea A.Doisaket, Chiangmai 50220 Country: Thailand